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Top Shelf Models in Owasso Oklahoma, is one of the few Model Toy Stores left in America.  When we met with TSM Owners, they wanted to reach a larger customer base from surrounding areas.  The goal was to appear in the Tulsa Oklahoma market, over 20 miles from their location.  We were able to accomplish this in a few months.

We completely Rebuilt and Refreshed Top Shelf Models Website to a move visually appealing page that was easier to navigate.
We took a non-functional page and created a more inviting interface by rebuilding Top Shelf Models Website.
We created an Immersive inside view - bringing customers into a 360º virtual experience of the inside of the store vs. just an outside still image that previously was not inviting at all.


To reach a larger customer base from surrounding areas


A hyper local branding initiative was implemented by first creating a Google 360º StreetView Virtual Tour.  After publishing the tour we rebuilt Top Shelf Models entire website from the ground up, fixing incorrect information, broken links, and creating many back links to existing manufacturers products they sell, along with creating relevant information related to their niche.


Within 90 days in 2014, Top Shelf Models achieved 1st Page positioning on Google Maps & Google Search for the keywords "Model Store Tulsa OK".  High positioning in the Google Maps in the top 3 listings & on the 1st Page on Google Search for Organic FREE listings that show TOP Shelf Models.  This has increased the company's walk-in traffic by over 20%, and increased their overall sales.  Contact us today so we can help you do the same for your business.  Call 870-495-2800.  We now serve the quad state area from Arkansas to Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas.  Call us toll free as well at 800-775-0619 xt 102 ask for John.

From The Client

“We have improved our image, and our overall branding, by allowing our potential customers to really see what our store is about.  We ask how people find our store - and many more people say they saw us on Google or they saw a Virtual Tour online before they decided to come into the store.  A higher percentage of people we think buys vs just looking as they know what to expect or have found what they're looking for on the 360º Virtual Tour.  There is no other way to show what our store is really like without the StreetView Virtual Tour on Google Maps.  It's one of the best investments that we've made - John helped us make payments to make it easy to do business with them."

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