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Let us help you grow your business by completely rebranding your business, or creating a NEW brand for your new business. Andrew Locksmith Services a 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith's Google Business Listing was shut down by one of Google's new Algorithms to help stop lead companies from perpetrating as local locksmith companies, and then selling leads to local locksmith companies or to the highest bidder.

Received over 560 Lead Calls from November 2017 to January 1 2018, by Mountain Home Marketing.
Within 60 days we had Andrew back in business and receiving calls.  With the Addition of an Adwords Program, we helped Andrew Generate over $10,900 in the first 30 days of 2018-- working part time!
We can monitor every call answered and missed, and send a link to each recording.  The customers hear a whisper message, and you receive a "you have a lead from your website" notification prior to each call.


To increase our presence on Google and see if it would get us more business, on a shoestring budget.


Rebuild and Rebrand a Completely NEW Business Name and Presence on Google Maps in Aurora Colorado as fast as possible-- and keep it from getting flagged and terminated again.


Within 60 days we completely rebuilt Andrew Locksmith Services, to Aurora Colorado Locksmith 24/7. Within 1 year, we helped grow ACL's lead volume to hundreds of calls each month. By the end of 2017 we had generated over 600 leads from November to January. This volume has continued into 2018 and in the first 2 months alone, has generated over $26,000 in sales volume. We completely rebranded this company on Google and many other local search engines to bring them back to life. We can do the same for you as well, using organic, and Google Adwords to accomplish your goals too.

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