Digital Marketing Pricing Packages



Get Help with the Setup Your Google My Business Listing.

Maximizing Your Business Listing

Show up when customers search for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Google My Business lets you post updates to showcase what’s new, respond to reviews to build loyalty and add photos to highlight what makes your business special.



Ideal for Small Businesses with a limited budget.  Setup of your Google Local Business Listing.

Hire a Trusted Pro to Boost Your Visibility

Choosing the right restaurant, cafe or hotel is often tough. Build trust with a high-quality virtual tour that lets people experience your location before they arrive. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests and patrons. A trusted professional for hire can help you more easily create and publish your virtual tour.



We'll brand your business on the top 85% of all places people search to find businesses like yours.

Appear Everywhere People Look

People use different platforms to search for information.  Greater than 75% of searches are done on Smart Phones and Tablets, that Geo-Target your location to businesses close to you.  Make sure your business appears in every possible location where your customers are looking for you.

Mountain Home Website Development companies charge from $7,000 to over $15,000 for a full service, digital marketing agency.  Why pay for all that overhead when you can get all of your copywriting, photography, website design and development with us for less than our competition?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to maintain a wordpress website?

Monthly Maintenance Plans start at $65/mo, or higher for more complicated sites, or where more work is involved in keeping the site up and running properly.  Wordpress Updates, Theme Updates, and Plugin Updates are kept updates to prevent backdoor security vulnerabilities.  If the site breaks with the updates we charge an hourly rate to fix any problems.

What’s The Deal With Paid Search Submissions?

Many SEO companies offer paid search submissions but beware-- I don't recommend wasting your money for any monthly programs, as when you stop paying for those services... magically your listings will revert back to the level of obscurity they were when you first approached them.   Purchase our Hyper Local Branding service and get a PERMANENT listing for your business where over 85% of people look for businesses for a one time fee.

Will you allow me to host my site elsewhere and just manage it for me?

The answer is clear and simple: No.  We custom build and maintain all of our customers sites on a custom platform that allows us to manage our sites, updates and see everything easily in a dashboard to help in our management of all our sites in a cost effective manner - this is how we can keep our monthly prices low.   We require all of our sites to be on our servers, we simply manage everything for you.  At any time if you wish to cancel or leave our services, you will need to make sure your balance with us is current, and we can help migrate the site for you or you can hire someone else to move it for you.  We charge a one time fee of $250 to move and re-deploy the site on to a 3rd party's hosting plan.  You'll have to manage all of your security, theme and plugin updates on your own.  

Are Blogs Good for SEO?

Whether blogs are good for SEO purposes is actually irrelevant--the content is key. Blogs are simply publishing platforms. Having said that, the ability to produce high quality content on an ongoing basis can challenging for most people who are not versed in writing in an SEO style for search engines.   You'll have to put out about 200-300 blog articles that have relevant content about your business, and also have a word count of 700-1500 words.  No content can be pulled or duplicated from other websites.  Your content must be completely original, be written, properly and correctly or it will not rank well.  Have us write high quality content for your business.  Inquire about our blogging services, in english, with english writers, -- basically me.  Nothing is outsourced or written by a third party service.

How Do I Make My Site Search Engine Friendly?

The best way to make your site more search engine friendly is often to simply add more text. The content must add value and be on topic, but the addition will create a new set of keywords and phrases for the search engines to crawl. Think of these terms as new ‘gateways’ for the engines - the injection of text will provide new doorways for traffic.

More about SEO:

Inbound linking is very important. In fact, acquiring back-links may be the most important thing in SEO. Nonetheless, a website owner shouldn’t have to “scout” or “hunt” for links. If the presented content is interesting, useful, and/or important, there is a natural tendency among web users to share information.